Orivet Responsible Breeder Program

Orivet works with many professional Breeders in Australia, New Zealand and around the globe.

These Breeders all take a responsible and professional approach to their Animal Breeding Programs. They also, significantly, place a great emphasis on ensuring the business side of their organization is up to professional standards.

In Australia and New Zealand, we commend these responsible Breeders through the Orivet Responsible Breeder Program. Not all Animal Breeders will qualify for the Orivet Responsible Breeder Program. However, those that do satisfy high-quality requirements about their approach to professional Breeding and business, including providing quality Customer Service to the Pet Owners (their Customers).

The key areas of the Orivet 'Responsible Breeder' Program include:

  • Health (genetic screening) of breeding stock for all relevant (breed Specific) conditions
  • Share results via Orivet secure database with any purchaser upon request
  • Meet the requirements of an Approved Collection Method for results
  • Make use of the genetic health results to work towards maintaining a breeding programme that allows the elimination of key diseases without impacting your breeding programme, e.g., temperament.

To apply to join,

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