Sammy's Games

Variety is the spice of life, and just like us, puppies and dogs will get bored doing the same thing day in day out. You will soon learn that there are certain types of games that your dog enjoys more than others - often this will relate to his breed, and what "type" of dog he is.

The Ball Hog

Loves fetching and chewing on toys. May be prone to nipping, chewing and play biting. Generally from a breed that works with his mouth, such as a retriever. Examples include Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Border Collies, English Springer Spaniels.

Good Activities:


Great for athletic mouthy dogs. Ensure that you get a Frisbee designed just for dogs, with padded edges that will not injure his mouth. You can even join a club or compete with other dogs!

Belly Ball

This is a game that combines various sports such as basketball, soccer and rugby. It uses a large ball (about the size of a soccer ball) and the aim is for the people (usually played with 2 –3 humans) to score by putting the ball under the dog´s belly and through the legs. The dog aims to stop this by getting the ball before it goes through the legs. Hectic and fun! designed for the larger sized ball hog! Or you can try with a small ball.


A classic favourite and a great way for your dog to get all the exercise he needs without you having to do too much running yourself. Make sure you have an appropriate fetch toy for your dog that will not injure his mouth or get stuck in his throat – avoid sticks and small balls such as tennis balls for most dogs, as these can lodge behind the jaw and block the dog´s airway. Balls on a rope, rope toys, specific throw toys and Frisbees are all fine

Water Fetch.

Ball dogs usually love to swim, so taking your game of fetch to the water is often a fun variation for warmer weather. Be careful that your dog doesn’t get out of his depth and ensure you have a throw toy that floats! Provide your dog with a box of chew toys that he can carry around and gnaw on – this will be much appreciated!

Let us know what other activity your Ball Hogg like to do