Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Dalmatian Type)

Test Overview:

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is the leading cause of death in critical care medicine. The syndrome is typified by an exaggerated inflammatory response within the lungs. ARDS has been reported in many species, including dogs. It has been reported a fatal familial juvenile respiratory disease accompanied by occasional unilateral renal aplasia and hydrocephalus, in Dalmatian dogs.


Respiratory - Associated with the lungs and respiratory system


Anillin actin binding protein (ANLN) on chromosome 14

Variant Detected:

Base Substitution c.31C>T p.Arg11STOP


Low-Moderate. This disease can cause some discomfort and/or dysfunction in the affected animal. It does not generally affect life expectancy.

Mode of Inheritance:

Autosomal Recessive

Research Citation(s):

Holopainen, S et al. ANLN truncation causes a familial fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome in Dalmatian dogs. (2017) PLoS Genet 13;2, e1006625

Associated Breed(s):

Dalmatian, Mixed Breed,