E Locus - (Cream/Red/Yellow) Overview

E Locus - (Cream/Red/Yellow)
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The extension gene (MCR1R) is responsible for producing phaeomelanin (yellow) pigment.  Tow copies of the MCR1 mutation will cause the expression of a solid yellow colour. Yellow is also referred to as yellow, white, golden, ruby or apricot as this variation is not only breed variation but also impact of other colour loci results - B, A, K and D Locus.

Category: Trait (Associated with Phenotype)

Gene: MC1R

Variant Detected: Em (point mutation) > E (wild type) > e (point mutation)

Severity: Scale 1 has a very low degree of severity. It is a trait and so is tested based on preference, not usually for health concerns.

Mode of Inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

Test Overview: The MC1R gene, also known as the extension (E) Locus, controls the production of eumelanin (black pigment) in the melanocytes. The dominant form of the MC1R gene (E) allows for normal production of eumelanin in the melanocytes.The two major pigments that impact canine coat color are eumelanin (black pigment) and phaeomelanin (yellow/red pigment) referred to as the extension (E) locus. These pigments are produced within specialized cells called melanocytes located in the canine epidermis and hair follicles. Within the melanocyte, the pigments are made in tiny organelles called melanosomes. The melanosomes are continually being transferred from the melanocytes to the surrounding keratinocyte cells that make up the hair and skin, thereby giving the skin and hair specific color based on the type of pigment they contain. However, a DNA variant in the MC1R gene (e) shuts down production of eumelanin (black pigment) in the melanocytes leaving only the production of phaeomelanin (yellow/red pigment) in the melanocytes. Because e is recessive, two copies of this MC1R e variant must be present to express the solid “yellow/red” coat color. A dog that has two copies of E (E/E) will not have a yellow/red coat and will not be capable of passing on a yellow/red coat color Allele to its offspring.

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Associated Breed(s): Afghan Hound ,  Airedale Terrier,  Akita ,  Alaskan Malamute,  American Bulldog ,  American Cocker Spaniel,  Australian Cattle Dog,  Australian Kelpie,  Australian Silky Terrier,  Basenji,  Bassett Hound ,  Beagle,  Bedlington Terrier,  Bernese Mountain Dog,  Black Russian Terrier ,  Border Collie,  Border Terrier,  Boston Terrier,  Briard,  British Bulldog,  Brittany Spaniel ,  Griffon Bruxellois - Standard,  Bull Terrier,  Bullmastiff,  Cairn Terrier,  Cardigan Welsh Corgi,  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  Chesapeake Bay Retriever ,  Chihuahua,  Chinese Crested,  Chow Chow,  Clumber Spaniel ,  Cockapoo,  Coton De Tulear,  Curly Coated Retriever,  Dachshund ,  Miniature Dachshund Long Hair,  Miniature Dachshund Smooth Hair,  Dalmatian,  Dobermann,  Dogue de Bordeaux,  English Setter ,  English Springer Spaniel,  Finnish Lapphund,  Flat Coated Retriever,  Smooth Fox Terrier,  French Bulldog,  German Shepherd Dog,  Giant Schnauzer,  Golden Retriever,  Goldendoodle,  Gordon Setter ,  Greyhound ,  Havanese,  Irish Setter,  Italian Greyhound,  Jack Russell Terrier,  Japanese Chin,  Keeshond,  Kerry Blue Terrier,  Koolie ,  Labradoodle ,  Labrador Retriever,  Lancashire Heeler,  Landseer ECT,  Lapponian Herder,  Lhasa Apso,  Lowchen,  Manchester Terrier ,  Mastiff ,  Miki,  Newfoundland,  Norfolk Terrier ,  Norwegian Elkhound,  Norwich Terrier,  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever ,  Old English Sheepdog ,  Papillon,  Parson Russell Terrier,  Pekingese,  Pembroke Welsh Corgi,  Plott Hound,  German Shorthaired Pointer,  Pomeranian,  Toy Poodle,  Miniature Poodle,  Standard Poodle,  Portuguese Water Dog,  Great Pyrenees,  Rat Terrier,  Rhodesian Ridgeback ,  Rottweiler ,  Saluki,  Samoyed,  Schipperke,  Scottish Terrier ,  Sealyham Terrier ,  Shar Pei,  Shih tzu,  Siberian Husky,  Staffordshire Bull Terrier ,  Swedish Lapphund,  Tenterfield Terrier ,  Tibetan Mastiff,  Tibetan Spaniel,  Tibetan Terrier ,  Volpino Italiano,  Weimaraner,  Cardigan Welsh Corgi,  West Highland White Terrier ,  Whippet ,  White Swiss Shepherd,  Yorkshire Terrier,  Affenpinscher,  American Eskimo Dog,  American Foxhound,  American Staffordshire Terrier,  Anatolian Shepherd,  Australian Bulldog,  Australian Cobberdog,  Australian Shepherd,  Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog,  Australian Terrier,  Bearded Collie ,  Belgian Groenendael Shepherd,  Belgian Lakenois Shepherd,  Belgian Malinois Shepherd,  Belgian Tervueren Shepherd ,  Bichon Frise,  Bloodhound,  Boerboel,  Borzoi,  Bouvier Des Flandres,  Boxer ,  Boykin Spaniel,  Bull Arab,  Canaan Dog,  Cane Corso Italiano,  Catahoula,  Catahoula Leopard Dog,  Cavoodle,  Cocker Spaniel,  Collie Rough,  Collie Smooth,  Coonhound,  Dandie Dinmont Terrier,  Dingo,  English Toy Spaniel ,  English Toy Terrier,  Field Spaniel,  Fox Terrier (Toy),  Wire Fox Terrier,  Foxhound ,  German Spitz ,  Great Dane,  Groodle,  Harlequin Pinscher,  Havanese Terrier Toy,  Hungarian Kuvasz,  Hungarian Vizsla,  Ibizan Hound,  Irish Terrier,  Irish Wolfhound,  Italian Spinone,  Jagd Terrier,  Japanese Shiba Inu,  Japanese Spitz,  Komondor,  Lagotto Romagnolo,  Lakeland Terrier ,  Leonberger,  Maltese,  Maremma Sheepdog,  Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless),  Miniature Australian Shepherd,  Miniature Bull Terrier,  Miniature Dachshund Wire Hair,  Miniature Fox Terrier,  Miniature Pinscher ,  Miniature Schnauzer,  Miniature Yorkshire Terrier,  Mixed Breed,  Mountain Dog ,  Munsterlander,  Murray River Retriever,  Neapolitan Mastiff,  Old English Mastiff ,  Peruvian Hairless Dog,  Pug,  Puli,  Saint Bernard ,  Schnoodle,  Scottish Deerhound,  Sealydale Terrier,  Shetland Sheepdog,  Shiba Inu,  Silky Terrier ,  Skye Terrier,  Sloughi,  Smithfield,  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier,  Spoodle,  Standard Dachshund Long Hair,  Standard Dachshund Smooth Hair,  Standard Dachshund Wire Hair,  Standard Schnauzer,  Sussex Spaniel,  Water Spaniel ,  Welsh Springer Spaniel,  American Pit Bull Terrier,  Labradoodle Retrodoodle ,  Miniature Dachshund Short Hair,  Miniature Dachshund,  Moodle,  Moyen Poodle,  Double Doodle,  Colonial Cocker Spaniel,  Aussiedoodle,  Bernedoodle,  Australian Labradoodle ,