Improper Coat (RSPO2)

Test Overview:

The improper coat/furnishings (IC) Locus determines whether a dog may have longer hair around the muzzle and eyebrows (facial furnishings. This may also show as a lack of furnishings (called improper coat in breeds for which facial furnishings are standard). In breeds in which the trait is desirable, this phenotype is known as “Furnishings”. In other breeds, the trait is expected; a deviation from it is a fault, and it is termed “improper coat”.


Trait (Associated with Phenotype)



Variant Detected:

167 bp insertion in 3'UTR region


It is a trait and so is tested based on preference, not usually for health concerns.

Mode of Inheritance:

Autosomal Dominant

Research Citation(s):

Cadieu E, Neff MW, Quignon P, Walsh K, Chase K, Parker HG, VonHoldt BM, Rhue A, Boyko A, Byers A, Wong A, Mosher DS, Elkahloun AG, Spady TC, Andre C, Lark KG, Cargill M, Bustamante CD, Wayne RK, Ostrander EA. Coat variation in the domestic dog is governed by variants in three genes. Science. 2009 Oct; 326(5949):150-3. [PubMed: 19713490]

Associated Breed(s):

Aussiedoodle, Australian Cobberdog, Australian Labradoodle , Bernedoodle, Black Russian Terrier , Cavoodle, Chinese Crested, Goldendoodle, Groodle, Havanese, Havanese Terrier Toy, Hungarian Vizsla, Irish Terrier, Labradoodle , Labradoodle Retrodoodle , Lagotto Romagnolo, Miniature Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Scottish Terrier , Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Spoodle, Standard Poodle, Tibetan Terrier , Toy Poodle, Wirehaired Vizsla,