Display Stands for Breeders
Supplied FREE for your Show

Show Secretaries. Order a convenient Orivet Display Stand for your next Show for FREE.

This impressive Display Stand is stacked full of Orivet Breeders Kits that can be used at your next Show, offering Breeders instant access to Full Breed Profile Kits.

Delivered directly to your Show, this Display Stand will undoubtedly add value to your Show offering. Breeders can pick up the Kits at the Show, and once they've placed their order, your club gets the Rewards.

So everyone wins

  • Show Breeders Kit Display – packs flat and is easy to assemble.
  • Kits for Breed Profiles – contain everything to screen for breed-specific diseases and traits.
  • Each kit earns Rewards/Discounts for your club and its members.

It's easy to do. Order your stand now and reap the rewards!

To find out more, or Order your Show Breeders Kit Display, simply email shows@orivet.com with your contact details and we will contact you.